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Documents Checklist

Documents Checklist (Enrollment for Associate Diploma Degree & Regular Japanese Course)

Please look at the below list and prepare your documents for Students Visa Processing.
Listed Country Applicants Follow ‘A’ Category. A: Myanmar, Mongolia, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan and all countries of Africa.
Other Country Applicants Follow ‘B’ Category.
Documents Checklist
List of Required DocumentsJapanese TranslationAB
Application Form(A)入学願書AApplication Form(A)入学願書A
Application Form(B)Educational Background入学願書B
Application Form(C)Family Sponsor入学願書C
Application Form(D)Purpose of Study in Japan入学願書D
Statement of Financial Support 経費支弁書
Original Diploma of Highest Education Completed最終学歴卒業証書  (Needed if not English)
Original Academic Transcript of Highest Education Completed 最終学歴成績表 (Needed if not English)×
Break of Study Explanation Letter written by the Applicant (If Any) 経歴の空白期間説明書
Certificate of Japanese Course Completed in your Country or Recommendation Letter 日本語学習証明書
10Student Registration Certificate (If the applicant is still student) 在学証明書
11Certificate of Employment (If the applicant is still employee) 本人の在職証明書
12Certificate of Sponsor’s Bank Balance 支弁者の預金残高証明書(Needed if not English)
13Sponsor’s Bank Record of Transcriptions for the Last 3 Years 銀行出入金明細(3年分) ××
14Copy of Applicant’s Valid Passport (All) パスポートのコピー(顔写真ページ、出入国スタンプページ全て)
15Photo Data (3CM*4CM)Jpg Format  写真(3cm×4cm)
16Family Relationship Certificate of all members or Birth Certificate of the Applicant
(Needed if not English)×
17Sponsor Annual Income Statement for the Last 3 Years  支弁者の収入証明書××
18Sponsor’s Certificate of Employment支弁者の在職証明書×
・You have to submit the following documents after getting the Certificate of Eligibility.
・You have to submit the following documents after getting the Certificate of Eligibility.AB
*** Medical Examination Certificate
*** Dormitory / No Dormitory Agreement
*** Tuition payment provision agreement